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The 68th UN General Assembly declared 2015 the International Year of Soils (IYS) The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has been nominated to implement the IYS 2015, within the framework of the Global Soil Partnership and in collaboration with Governments and the secretariat of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.
The IYS 2015 aims to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of soil for food security and essential ecosystem functions.
The specific objectives of the IYS 2015 are to:
·       Raise full awareness among civil society and decision makers about the profound importance of soil for human life;
·       Educate the public about the crucial role soil plays in food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation, essential ecosystem services, poverty alleviation and sustainable development;
·       Support effective policies and actions for the sustainable management and protection of soil resources;
·       Promote investment in sustainable soil management activities to develop and maintain healthy soils for different land users and population groups;
·       Strengthen initiatives in connection with the SDG process (Sustainable Development Goals) and Post-2015 agenda;
·       Advocate for rapid capacity enhancement for soil information collection and monitoring at all levels (global, regional and national).

DL D.A.V. celebrated the 2015 International Year of Soil- COGNIZANCE with a series of activities.  Number of events had been taking place. Each of the events was different and had a number of different target audiences. Below, you will find details. In classes VII, VIII and IX – each section was given a country. The countries selected were: - India, Brazil, China, Scotland, South Africa, Germany, Egypt, Nigeria
·       LOGO DESIGN- of the international year of soils
·       SCRAP BOOK / BROCHURE---depicting drawings,diagrams,clipping etc. of the assigned country
·       BULLETIN BOARD---collage showcasing different types of soils of countries with their maps
·       POWER POINT PRESENTATION---- showing significance / importance of soil, types of soils, correlation of soil and economy of the allotted country, degradation of soils and how has it adversely effected the economy of given country
·       SKIT- highlighting the importance of soil and conservation measures
·       MODEL- showing different types of soils found in different parts of the country
·       CULTURAL BONANZA—celebration of harvest festival with dance and music.
·       FOOD MANIA—different kind of food varieties available in the country
Overall classes present culture of the country and closeness of the people to soil.

SIGNIFICANCE OF CELEBRATION OF THIS YEAR AS THE YEAR OF SOILSTHE RESONANCE OF THE EARTH------SOILSA deep relationship exists between the earth-soils and culture. The celebration of one is the celebration of the other. In fact, much of the folk, primitive or traditional systems, historically and worldwide have been connected to soils. The conflict between nature and man has not been seen in the traditional societies. Since the onset of modernization and industrialization, however, this conflict between the two has aggravated and come to the fore. The formation of mega cities and mega structures has pushed humanity to the brink of isolation from the mother-earth. Environmental catastrophes in waiting, exhaustion of soils and the subsequent destruction of ecosystem are the byproducts of modernism.It is time to heal-to get back to soils. This celebration is hence the representation of the nurturing earth-soils, that has borne the onslaught and ravages of time.   

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