Wednesday, 17 May 2017



Our school has celebrated EARTH DAY on 24th April 2017. The activities included following aspects ----
  • live presentation by the students using hand puppets and masks(made by the students themselves)
  • bulletin board decoration on various themes
  • collage of different symbols related to environment. These symbols were drawn by students on A4 sized sheets and their cutouts were pasted on the cartage sheets
  • slogans related to protect mother Earth were shown in the form of globe

  • Result of bulletin board decoration    class 7th 

  • First     7A      class teacher  Mrs. Renu Grover
  • Second 7F      class teacher  Mrs. Shashi Nijhawan
  • Third   7E      class teacher  Mrs. Suman Hastir 

  • Result of bulletin board decoration  class 8th

  • First     8A      class teacher  Mrs.Mamta Sikri 
  • Second 8D      class teacher  Mrs. Shashi Aggarwal
  • Third   8F      class teacher  Mrs. Ritu Chaudhary

  • Result of bulletin board decoration class 9th 

  • First     9 C      class teacher  Mrs. Bhavna
  • Second 9A      class teacher  Mrs. Abha
  • Third   9 G      class teacher  Mrs. Anupma Sood 

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